Navigating the Waters: Accelerating Business Action Across Borders

A live studio talkshow at the World Water Week conference in Stockholm.

This live studio talkshow delves into the pivotal role of businesses in advancing sustainable water management. It examines how businesses can expedite water stewardship across value chains, emphasizing collaborative solutions and business leadership. Through collective action, companies drive positive change, ensuring a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Date: Tuesday, August 27th 
Time: 12:00 PM – 12:20 PM.
Location: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Talkshow Studio (Level 5) during World Water Week

Session Description

In today’s dynamic landscape characterized by intense competition for water resources and the effects of climate change, businesses play a key role in achieving sustainable water management. By implementing sustainable water practices throughout their operations and supply chains business can ensure access and minimize environmental harm. With innovative solutions and by promoting sustainable water management beyond the business wall, companies can also contribute to positive water impact.

One crucial step is collective action aimed at reducing impacts on water-stressed areas. This involves business collaborating with stakeholders across sectors and regions to exchange ideas and resources. Additionally, businesses together with policymakers, business partners, and civil society can advocate for policy measures and sustainable water practices that safeguard water resources. By actively participating in local communities and supporting measures for the provision of water and sanitation systems, companies can make tangible contributions to sustainable management of water. This collaborative approach, transcending borders and sectors, is crucial for addressing complex water challenges and ensuring a sustainable future. In this session, we will explore how businesses can accelerate water stewardship actions within and beyond their value chains.


Tentative run-sheet:

  • Introduction of panel by moderator Kanika Thakar
  • Reflections from the business roundtable
  • Panel discussion on the current state of corporate water stewardship, do businesses truly understand the business case for investing in water and what are the challenges faced by companies to do more and go beyond compliance?
  • Closing statement by moderator Kanika Thakar

Stockholm International Water Institute
Swedish Water House
The CEO Water Mandate
UN Global Compact Network Sweden